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Laurie Scott

Chief Executive Officer
33 Years of Experience

Laurie entered the arbitrage field in 1989.  For the first 17 years of her career she was an arbitrage specialist with Ernst & Young LLP.  Laurie underwent extensive technical training at Ernst & Young and worked with clients and colleagues through the evolution of the arbitrage regulations to establish a highly respected practice focusing on quality service in the computation of arbitrage.  When Ernst & Young exited the industry in 2006, Laurie was serving as Executive Director charged with final technical reviews, operations and marketing for the Florida office.  Immediately upon her departure from Ernst & Young, Laurie established Integrity Public Finance Consulting in concert with the nationally recognized law firm Bryant Miller Olive. 

Laurie’s experience also includes verification services for refunding issues and escrow restructures and other municipal finance consulting projects relating to allocations and commingled fund analysis.  Laurie received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with honors in Finance from the University of Florida.  She is a member of the National Association of Bond Lawyers, the Florida Government Finance Officers Association, and the national level Government Finance Officers Association.  As a recognized expert, she has led seminars for a wide variety of organizations ranging from corporate trust divisions to the National Association of State Treasurers to the National Association of Bond Lawyers.

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